Other Media

This is the setup of one individual, with a passion for photography, a love for many things and events and a drive to capture it all, I’ve started documenting beautiful things I have encountered. Trying to frame, contextualise and re-aproriate real world images into analogue and digital ones.

You can hire me to take pictures of things, people, enviroments, or whatever. I will however want to document it in my own style, experimenting as I go.

I document and create to share. Hence almost all my work is under a creative commons license. If you want to support my work, I do accept donations in the form of money, equipment or travel expenses. If you want to buy prints, please also get in contact with me. If you want to donate something you can do this via Liberapay or get in contact with me via e-mail (sebastian at othermedia dot nl) or mastodon (@webmind@social.weho.st).

Thanks for reading and supporting, I hope you like my work.